Era-Glonass the world’s first national accident emergency response system began operating throughout the entire Russian Federation on the first of January 2015. the primary mission of the Era-Glonass system is to decrease time for communicating the information about accidents to the emergency response services, which would allow to save more lives and mitigate the injuries on the roads. in case of an accident the in vehicle system connects an emergency call automatically an emergency call can also be triggered manually by pressing the emergency button. vehicles precise coordinates are determined using global navigation satellite signals and transmitted to the Era-Glonass system together with the data on collision severity and time of the crash and the vehicles identification number. by reducing the emergency services arrival time Era-Glonass system will save nearly 4,000 lives annually. the information about an accident is transmitted in less than 10 seconds.

The system increases motor vehicle safety by combining navigation, mobile communication and information technologies to reach a wider coverage area. Era-Glonass operates as a mobile virtual network operator, reliable delivery of emergency calls is backed up by SMS an optional satellite communication capability. a network of own and partners ground-based augmentation stations for enhanced real-time location precision and reliability provides nationwide coverage. the requirements on installation of in vehicle emergency call devices are mandated by the customs union technical regulations. all global vehicle manufacturers for Eurasian Economic Union market are involved in the certification process.

A similar accident emergency response system eCall is used in European Union since 2018. the Era-Glonass and eCall standards are harmonized. emergency assistance will be provided regardless of location. accident emergency response systems will be introduced in Eurasian Economic Union member states. Russian experience in developing accident emergency response system can be used in Eurasian Economic Union and BRICS countries. potential capabilities of the Era-Glonass system are far wider. in July of 2015 the federal law on air iguana’s was amended to allow the use of the system infrastructure for commercial services provision and require it for national and other navigation information systems.

Unparalleled advantages provided by the Era-Glonass will help businesses streamline performance and cut operating costs. connected car is among the top emerging technologies globally. Era-Glonass device installed at the vehicle assembly line will provide access to all required in vehicle services. the Era-Glonass system brings in vehicle safety, comfort and connectivity to all. Era-Glonass’s infrastructure can support an unlimited number of additional services. consumers increasingly demand more in vehicle capabilities and expect to receive a multitude of different services from a single convenient source. automakers strive to make their vehicle smarter, more comfortable and reliable. service providers and insurance companies would like to have a direct connection to their consumers. Era-Glonass interconnects millions of car owners and thousands of application and service developers into a common ecosystem. Era-Glonass will make driving safer, more comfortable and fun.


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