Being connected is everything, both visibly and invisibly. connectivity keeps us learning, moving, communicating and safe. a revolution in connectivity is coming, as the new generation of wireless communication 5G moves us closer to being connected to everything everywhere at all times. 5G enables the seamless interworking of different technologies and networks, at speeds and performance that no previous generation has been able to touch.

With 5G your mobile phone, home, car and even your city can all be connected, sharing information and responding to commands instantly, regardless of when or where the command is made or how much data it requires. 5G means downloading a film in seconds while on the go. it means a world where the logistics of Industry manage themselves. it means being connected everywhere all the time immediately and securely.

But no system is perfect, to support these applications 5G will need uninterrupted coverage at unprecedented capacity which terrestrial networks alone can’t guarantee. the connection can be blocked by buildings, weakened in low coverage areas or not exist at all. luckily this terrestrial problem has an out-of-this-world solution, satellites can provide the channels reach an ubiquitous connectivity that make 5G possible. space technology can help fill the gaps in ground-based networks, extend reach, improve data protection and reliability, supply the massively increased volume of information required for all the applications that 5G enables and make 5G part of your every day. with the help of space the future of connectivity is closer than you think.



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