Satellite navigation goes far beyond guiding us to our destination in our cars. it allows farmers to use less fertilizer, ships to navigate safely, operators to run road networks, local authorities to manage infrastructure, power grids to access the extremely precise timing needed to manage lines, bankers to timestamp operations and it even enables efficient wildlife protection. Europe contributes to making positioning more accurate, reliable and available through its to state-of-the-art satellite navigation programs.

EGNOS the European geostationary navigation overlay service is Europe’s first concrete venture into satellite navigation, its geostationary satellites and network of ground stations, increases the accuracy of existing satellite positioning signals like GPS. while providing a crucial integrity message informing users in the event of signal problems. Galileo is Europe’s independent global satellite navigation system, it will provide highly accurate reliable global positioning under civilian control. the fully deployed system will consist of 30 satellites and associated ground infrastructure and will be interoperable with GPS.

Increasing Safety

EGNOS today and Galileo in the future can save lives on land, at sea and in the air. landing procedures using a EGNOS an able search-and-rescue helicopters to land safely on helipads like those next to hospitals even in bad weather, and civil protection services rely on accurate mapping and positioning when responding to floods, forest fires or earthquakes. satellite positioning will also save lives on our roads. Ecall is a pan-european system that enables vehicles involved in a crash to call the nearest emergency center automatically and send the exact position of the accident allowing emergency services to get there faster.

Galileo will offer a global searching Rescue Service, it will complement existing systems and ensure better coverage, so the distress signal can be picked up without delay .it will also increase positioning accuracy of distress beacons, in some cases from several kilometers to a few meters. EGNOS and Galileo will be vital in case of an emergency they can also play an important role in prevention and safety aircraft. use EGNOS to make safe precision approaches to smaller airports and helipads even with bad visibility. and trucks transporting hazardous goods can be permanently tracked, so we always know where they are. advanced driver assistance systems will combine sensor and satellite information including Galileo data, to help drivers avoid accidents or warn of obstacles ahead. the maritime sector was one of the early adopters of satellite systems and EGNOS and Galileo make navigation more precise and safer.

Protect The Environment

Millions of farmers already rely on satellite navigation to reduce the spraying of fertilizers or pesticides, and to lower fuel consumption. in the air, precise positioning enables more flexible approaches for aircraft including curved segments, that are substantially more fuel-efficient and will reduce noise pollution. EGNOS and Galileo will help authorities track down marine polluters and protect environmentally sensitive areas, as well as protecting fish stocks from over-fishing or marine poaching. accurate mapping helps conservation authorities manage natural parks and forests whilst guiding people enjoying nature.

Improving every day life

Knowing exactly where you are at any given time can improve quality of life. accurate and reliable satellite positioning can help the visually impaired navigate more safely and warn them of potential hazards, and smartphones will use Galileo to power a range of applications. EGNOS and Galileo will enable improved air traffic management and access to airports, which means less delays diversions or cancellations. while road and rail management systems relying on satellite positioning will help manage traffic to get you to where you are going faster.

Innovation and growth

If satellite navigation is crucial today EGNOS and especially galileo will form the foundation for a range of new innovative applications in the future. fairer insurance for cars, in-depth analysis for sports teams, warning systems for earthquakes, weather forecasting, mobile phone apps to streamline traffic, environmental monitoring and even beacons to manage livestock, we’ll be able to access reliable and accurate positioning. companies across Europe large or small use satellite positioning to streamline operations saving time and money. it also powers lesser-known applications like providing power and telecom operators with extremely accurate time stamping. this will generate substantial socio-economic benefits to Europe’s economy and its citizens, jobs and business are being created for companies of all sizes while spin-offs coming out of the technology being developed are used by entrepreneurs and researchers outside the space industry. surveyors, captains, conductors pilots, farmers, bankers, firefighters and European citizens from many walks of life will rely on EGNOS and Galileo to power services, that enhance efficiency safety protection and economic growth.


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