What is Era-Glonass System?


Era-Glonass the world’s first national accident emergency response system began operating throughout the entire Russian Federation on the first of January 2015. the primary mission of the Era-Glonass system is to decrease time for communicating the information about accidents to the emergency response services, which would allow to save more lives and mitigate the injuries […]

What is eCall System?


In 2012 over 28,000 people died and 1.5 million were injured in over a million traffic accidents on European roads. Europe had to act as of the 31st of March 2018 every new car type sold in Europe has to be equipped with one 112 eCall. eCall is activated automatically as soon as in vehicle […]

Egnos and Galileo for Smart Mobility


Mobilities changing. the way people and goods move on our roads is going through its biggest transformation in decades. driven by technology, connectivity and satellite positioning. Europe’s two flagship satellite navigation programs EGNOS and Galileo are at the heart of this transformation, by making positioning more accurate, available and reliable. cars, buses, trucks and even […]


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