How EGNOS Augmenting Satellite Navigation?


Satellite navigation has become an integral part of our lives today. an area where satellite navigation plays a major role is air traffic control. for this safety-critical domain European Space Agency, ESA, the European Commission and euro control, the European Organization for the safety of air navigation developed EGNOS, which has been in use since […]

Uses of EGNOS and Galileo


Satellite navigation goes far beyond guiding us to our destination in our cars. it allows farmers to use less fertilizer, ships to navigate safely, operators to run road networks, local authorities to manage infrastructure, power grids to access the extremely precise timing needed to manage lines, bankers to timestamp operations and it even enables efficient […]


Navigation Systems For Aircraft – Very High Frequency Omnidirectional Range (VOR)


There are many navigation systems that used in aircraft. these systems help pilot to find there way, directions and height. In previous post we talked about Non Directional Radio Beacon (NDB) and how pilot use them in aircraft. While NDBs are a dying technology our next nav aid is still very much alive and much […]

Navigation Systems For Aircraft – Non Directional Radio Beacon (NDB)


Aside from pilotage and dead reckoning, other forms of navigation are also available to pilots, through the use of electronic navigational aids or nav aids for short. These systems transmit signals to aircraft through radio waves, and tell pilots where they are and where to go. Before we get into what these systems are?, and […]


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