EGNOS Satellite Navigation Systems


Satellite navigation has changed the world, millions of people all over the world use it every day and their number is constantly rising. At the same time the transportation of goods and people has become a crucial part of our globalized economy. Precise and reliable satellites navigation can help to raise capacity in this field. […]

How Satellites Get And Track Your Exact Location ?


GPS satellites are constantly bathing the world in their electromagnetic signally glow, but how EXACTLY do these satellites find you? Saying a satellite finds YOU is very Enemy of the State, but GPS satellites don’t actually track you, they’re simply broadcasting a signal that you pick up. What would be a more accurate way to […]

Which Way Does GPS Work?


At over 20,000 kilometres above sea level (20,180 kilometres (12,540 miles)) is a constellation of satellites, each orbiting Earth every 11 hours and 58 minutes. These satellites are continuously beaming data down to us on earth, which in turn is received by devices such as your phone or navigational units in your cars, allowing you […]

How does satellite navigation systems work?


In December of 2016 Galileo first went online in the European Union got its own satellite navigation system. it joins the American GPS and the Russian GLONASS and becoming the third system available around the globe. Navigation systems have long become a part of our everyday lives they power the world of logistics, orchestrate, commercial […]


What is Galileo?


Satellite positioning has become a vital part of our everyday lives and is key for farming, science, precise timing and emergency response. we use it in our phones, cars, planes, trains, ships and thousands of other applications. Initially it was powered by an American system GPS or Global Positioning System a few years later a […]