GPS Uses and Modernization


GPS or global positioning system, was developed by the United States Air Force and provided free to everyone as the words public utility. today GPS is a critical part of the planet’s infrastructure and the backbone of civil, economic and defense activity everywhere. GPS is the gold standard in global position navigation and timing systems. […]

What is Atomic Clock? and How does it Work?


You’ve probably heard of atomic clocks, if you haven’t, then it’s probably about time you did. Atomic clocks have many uses within scientific studies for example, it’s certain where incredible precision is needed to sink their atom-smashing instruments, but atomic clocks are also used within the world we experience every day. including the Internet, where […]

When and Why GPS Made Free To Use ?


Nearly every bit of data we use in our modern devices has a price tag associated with it, but there is one vital piece of technology that many of our devices depend on, that is free. It allows our phones to give us turn-by-turn directions, no matter where we are in the world, and it […]


Global Positioning System (GPS)


GPS is a space-based radio navigation system owned by the United States government and operated by the United States Air Force. The United States military first used GPS as a navigation tool in the 1970’s, in the 1980’s the US government made GPS available to the general public free of charge. GPS system provides geolocation […]

Navigation Systems For Aircraft – Global Positioning System (GPS)


In aircraft, there are many navigation systems, that pilots can use to find there directions and heights. first of these systems is Non Directional Radio Beacon (NDB) and second system is Very High Frequency Omnidirectional Range (VOR) . the last on is GPS. The global positioning system or GPS is the United States version of a […]


Navigation Systems For Aircraft – Very High Frequency Omnidirectional Range (VOR)


There are many navigation systems that used in aircraft. these systems help pilot to find there way, directions and height. In previous post we talked about Non Directional Radio Beacon (NDB) and how pilot use them in aircraft. While NDBs are a dying technology our next nav aid is still very much alive and much […]

Navigation Systems For Aircraft – Non Directional Radio Beacon (NDB)


Aside from pilotage and dead reckoning, other forms of navigation are also available to pilots, through the use of electronic navigational aids or nav aids for short. These systems transmit signals to aircraft through radio waves, and tell pilots where they are and where to go. Before we get into what these systems are?, and […]

what are radio waves and antennas?


Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic radiation, artificially generated radio waves are used for fixed and mobile communication, broadcasting, radar, computer networks and navigation. These artificially generated radio waves are created from antennas, antennas convert the electric current of a signal into a radio wave, so it can travel through space to a receiving […]


BeiDou Navigation System is going global


Strong enough to survive being launched into space, durable enough to operate in an inhospitable environment, powerful enough to photograph a small rock from thousands of kilometers away. BeiDou navigation satellite system is a modern Chinese marvel that’s all set to go global. Humans have long asked the question : where are am I ?. […]

EGNOS and Galileo for Mapping


To manage land and infrastructure efficiently accurate mapping and surveying are essential. Utility companies map infrastructure and local authorities need access to a Geo-referenced inventory of anything from park benches to street signs or underground water pipes. Global navigation satellite systems or GNSS are widely used because they’re more cost-effective and flexible than traditional ground […]