GPS or global positioning system, was developed by the United States Air Force and provided free to everyone as the words public utility. today GPS is a critical part of the planet’s infrastructure and the backbone of civil, economic and defense activity everywhere. GPS is the gold standard in global position navigation and timing systems. since 1993 GPS has been the most reliable consistently operating global navigation satellite system in the world. with more than 24 satellites in six orbital planes, the GPS constellation broadcasts time, position and elevation 24 hours a day seven days a week. time is essential for commerce.

Atomic clocks inside GPS satellites broadcast accurate time around the globe. GPS time signals traveling at the speed of light establish accurate time in positioning. GPS signals deliver availability anytime anywhere ,integrity, reliable time, position and accuracy better than published standards. the breadth of GPS applications defies imagination no longer limited to ground-based navigational aids, aircraft use GPS to fly directly to destinations reducing miles flown and fuel burned.

GPS is a crucial component of the enhanced ground proximity warning system, greatly reducing the number of accidents and helping to save lives. GPS is today’s lighthouse in the sky, sending signals that safely guide ships in cargo in and out of harbors around the globe. trillions of dollars in banking and financial transactions use GPS synchronize timestamps accurate to within nanoseconds. GPS guided trackers reduce unused feel therein and precisely distribute water and fertilizers. precision agriculture dramatically increases crop yield and supplies more food to people around the globe, helping to relieve world hunger.

Forecasters use GPS to measure clouds, predict rainfall and prepare people for natural disasters. GPS helps rescuers locate victims of floods earthquakes and other disasters while accelerating humanitarian relief. smartphones use GPS to connect family and friends pinpoint emergency distress calls and watch over children. GPS powers navigation systems giving people safely into destinations around the world. GPS enables fast response to emergencies on land and sea saving thousands of lives every year.


Today GPS is developing the next generation of satellites to deliver new signals that strengthen GPS availability, integrity, accuracy and robustness. the L2c signal will enable dual frequency to increase position accuracy and provide fast initial location. L5, the International safety of life signal for aviation will enable moving from landmark and radar based navigation to GPS guided approaches and landings. the interoperability signal L1c establishes a common signal between GPS and the other space-based positioning navigation and timing systems for the benefit of civil users around the world. L1c provides for future compatibility between GPS and the European Galileo system, the Japanese quasi Zenith satellite system and enables future interoperability with other international satellite navigation systems. the defense signal encode improves availability, security and precision for enhanced military operations across the globe.

GPS modernization delivers more signals for future applications like smart cars and intersections to control traffic and speed, reducing accidents improving travel time and helping to save lives. positive train control to manage rail and cargo lines, reducing collisions and derailments and potentially saving millions of dollars in fuel per year. and thousands of new applications like fisheries management, oil exploration, mining mapping, boundary dispute resolution, earthquake prediction and more. US manages GPS as a national asset sharing information with the world to develop new receivers and applications and coordinating with the European Union, Russia, Japan, India, China and others on the interoperability of satellite based systems with international organizations.

For more than 30 years US presidents have expanded the commitment to GPS. today it is long to sustain and operate GPS for peaceful civil, commercial and scientific uses on a continuous worldwide basis free of direct user fees. to keep GPS working every day the United States Air Force, second Space Operations Command and United States Coast guard at GPS navigation center provide 24 hours support. the United States has invested 35 billion dollars in GPS and continues to invest millions every year to sustain this awesome capability.

Every day new uses of GPS expand across the globe. in the US alone commercial growth is estimated to create tens of billions of dollars in annual benefits and effect up to five million jobs. United States is committed to sustaining the Global Positioning System as the gold standard to ensure the availability of accurate time and position anytime anywhere in the world to benefit all humanity in the 21st century.


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