The way we drive is changing. many of today’s cars and trucks are already equipped with advanced driver assistance including lane departure warning systems, automated braking, assisted steering and adaptive cruise control. connected navigation systems allow drivers to find their way and share information, making driving safer and reducing congestion. tomorrow transport services will operate in a cooperative environment with communication between vehicles and road infrastructure. these cooperative intelligent transport systems will allow road users and traffic managers to share and use information. this is expected to improve road safety and reduce congestion, by helping drivers to make the right decisions based on a real-time traffic situation.

These systems are increasingly using Galileo the European global satellite navigation system to provide reliable, robust and accurate positioning. for tomorrow’s autonomous and connected vehicles, Galileo becomes even more important. Galileo essentially helps bring next level of accuracy, more robustness and reliability which are the three key things in road safety and especially towards an autonomous future automated driving. autonomous vehicles use a range of sensors and need accurate positioning with a high level of integrity for automated driving. of course safety and reliability is the most important point and this is not only valid for the full system but also for each subsystem but, for highly automated driving positioning system has to be safe. Galileo will help to have a long-term stable robust and safe and secure system.

Vehicles infrastructure and people will become part of a connected constellation where reliable location is key. the main goal is to integrate the global position and make use of it and integrate it with the information we get from the onboard sensors. the unique properties of Galileo make transport safer and more efficient today and shape it to be the cornerstone of the connected and automated transport in the future.


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