Global maritime traffic is ever-increasing and Europe’s ports and inland waterways are becoming ever more congested. accurate and reliable positioning a key elements for a range of systems, that help streamline port operations, improve safety and protect the maritime environments. new satellite based systems are also being deployed that can substantially reduce response times in case of an emergency. two of Europe’s flagship space programs EGNOS and Galileo improve positioning accuracy and integrity. EGNOS the European geostationary navigation overlay service uses geostationary satellites and a network of ground stations, to increase the accuracy of existing satellite positioning signals, while providing a crucial integrity message informing users in the event of signal problems. Galileo is Europe’s global satellite navigation system, that provides highly performant global positioning and timing services, under civilian control but how can EGNOS and Galileo make a difference?.


Satellite based systems have fundamentally changed maritime navigation. vessels ranging from small sailing boats to super tankers, now have systems on board that rely on satellites for positioning. EGNOS and Galileo can make navigation more accurate, reliable and available. on rivers and other inland waterways, Galileo already complements existing systems by adding additional satellites to the already available constellations.

Search and Rescue

In case of an emergency at sea, time is of the essence and first response is critical. Galileo is a key component of cospas-sarsat, which provides a communication service between those in distress and the rescuers who are going to help find those people and rescue them. the constellation that will become the most dominant component of the cospas-sarsat program in the foreseeable future is Galileo. without the galileo contributions we would not have the meows our capabilities that we will have. Galileo will also offer a return link, confirming that the distress signal has been received, which has been proven to drastically improve the chances of survival.

Port Operations

Many ports are congested and require systems to optimize operations whilst ensuring safety. furthermore the increase in the size of cargo ships has led to the need for extremely accurate maneuvering. portable pilot units based on EGNOS and Galileo are used to provide confidence in the positioning and increased accuracy.

Environmental Protection

Maritime environments can be very vulnerable and often require protection. Galileo is the foundation for a range of new solutions designed to protect delicate marine environments, reduce fuel consumption and enable more efficient enforcement of environmental protection measures. improved accuracy can allow the development of tools that promote sustainable fishery, and the reliability offered by Galileo enables more efficient enforcement. integrating positioning with Earth Observation allows for a better management of coastal waters and improves the response – to for example – oil spillage, betfor fisheries, yachting, passenger or freight transport. EGNOS and Galileo tribute to a safer more efficient and more sustainable maritime sector by offering trusted precision and extensive availability.


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