Mobilities changing. the way people and goods move on our roads is going through its biggest transformation in decades. driven by technology, connectivity and satellite positioning. Europe’s two flagship satellite navigation programs EGNOS and Galileo are at the heart of this transformation, by making positioning more accurate, available and reliable. cars, buses, trucks and even bicycles that can communicate exactly where they are, and people with mobile phones that can pinpoint their location are opening up new possibilities in road transport. connectivity of people and the connectivity of vehicles becomes such an important part when it comes to the efficiency of transport and therefore the more accurate positioning the better services you can give to the users and that’s why positioning becomes more and more important.

A range of new transport models that allow people to share transporter helping them get from A to B faster whilst reducing congestion and emissions. advanced navigation, ride-sharing, ride hailing and bike sharing also use the power of location to connect people to other people all modes of transport. new mobile apps that match demand and offer different transport modes are increasingly commonplace in urban life. and mobility as a service provides access to a variety of transport services using a single front-end app.

The Internet of Things where freight is equipped with location devices, allows for more efficient and innovative multimodal transport, optimized routes and shared resources. increasingly businesses and users want direct connection to the Internet and location, it’s very necessary to have device is mounted on many things so whether this be bicycles whether it be trailers on trucks you need a very robust low-power approach.

ECall will alert emergency services in case of an accident and provide them with an accurate location. today satellite positioning is standard for today’s car navigation systems routing as comfortably from A to B. also it enabled safety system such as an Ecall in case of an emergency or accident or allowing car to car and car to infrastructure communication. looking into the future for highly automated driving we need to have a robust safe and precise localization and satellite navigation is a main contributor to this.

Accurate location enabled by EGNOS and Galileo also allow hazardous goods to be tracked accurately at all times. now we can see we have a high reliability and a higher accuracy of the positioning information and this leads also to possibility to make better use of the map information. the high level of integrity offered by Galileo also powers a range of innovative solutions including pay as you drive schemes, for insurance premiums or Road taxes and public transport is also leveraging location information to further improve its services.

As technology evolves and positioning becomes more robust, vehicles will become ever more autonomous and connected. this will increase safety and fundamentally change the way we move. we’re moving towards a fully personalized unique journey planning and management model, that will identify the best transport option for users through a smart combination of public transport and vehicle renting or sharing based on specific travel needs. accurate and reliable location is at the core of this new transport paradigm. European GNSS systems are already extensively used for smart mobility applications today and are pivotal for the smart transport solutions of tomorrow.


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