Navigation Systems

Air Quality Monitoring with Satellites


Recent studies show that air pollution reduces our lives as much as heavy smoking can. According to the World Health Organization, nine out of ten people currently breathe polluted air. Air pollution is also responsible for one third of deaths from stroke, lung cancer and heart disease. The Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite is the first Copernicus […]

The Omega Navigation System


The Omega navigation system is a worldwide all-weather navigational system providing a fix accuracy of 1 to 2 nautical miles, which can be used by submarines and the aircraft as well as surface ships. like Loran it’s a radio navigation system, however Omega uses VLF, very low frequency radio signals, which permit extremely long-range navigation. […]

How To Navigate Using the Stars


Without clouds, about 6,000 stars are visible in the night sky, from anywhere on Earth. This number is lower in areas of heavy light pollution, but for the most of human history, this is what we had to look up to. In earlier times, there were many ideas as to what the stars were. The […]

Using Satellites in 5G Technology


Being connected is everything, both visibly and invisibly. connectivity keeps us learning, moving, communicating and safe. a revolution in connectivity is coming, as the new generation of wireless communication 5G moves us closer to being connected to everything everywhere at all times. 5G enables the seamless interworking of different technologies and networks, at speeds and […]

Using Satellites for Sea Safety


With 70% of the earth’s surface covered in water, it’s no surprise that since the dawn of time humankind has looked towards the sea as a source of food, wealth and prosperity. however it can also be unforgiving and a place of tragedy. a fact we are reminded of too often these days with migrants […]

Agriculture and Farming with Satellites


Though you might not think it at first glance, this is one of the most advanced industries in the country. look past the greenery and you will find a highly technological business where margins are tight, deadlines critical and global competition fierce. today the farmers best friend is data, this is why agriculture increasingly relies […]

Airplane Landing Safety With EGNOS


Since its certification for civil aviation in 2011, EGNOS the European geostationary navigation overlay service has gone from strings to strings. EGNOS is a satellite-based augmentation system that improves GNSS positioning, using three satellites and a network of more than 40 reference stations in 24 countries. providing much greater accuracy than achieved through GPS alone. […]

What is Era-Glonass System?


Era-Glonass the world’s first national accident emergency response system began operating throughout the entire Russian Federation on the first of January 2015. the primary mission of the Era-Glonass system is to decrease time for communicating the information about accidents to the emergency response services, which would allow to save more lives and mitigate the injuries […]

How EGNOS Augmenting Satellite Navigation?


Satellite navigation has become an integral part of our lives today. an area where satellite navigation plays a major role is air traffic control. for this safety-critical domain European Space Agency, ESA, the European Commission and euro control, the European Organization for the safety of air navigation developed EGNOS, which has been in use since […]

What is eCall System?


In 2012 over 28,000 people died and 1.5 million were injured in over a million traffic accidents on European roads. Europe had to act as of the 31st of March 2018 every new car type sold in Europe has to be equipped with one 112 eCall. eCall is activated automatically as soon as in vehicle […]


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