EGNOS for Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS)


When fast intervention means saving lives and when patients have to be evacuated from remote locations. emergency services across Europe rely on the speed and versatility of helicopters. however adverse weather conditions or other factors such as smoke offered prevent helicopters from reaching the hospital or helipad, because only non-precision approaches are available. EGNOS the […]

Egnos and Galileo for Smart Mobility


Mobilities changing. the way people and goods move on our roads is going through its biggest transformation in decades. driven by technology, connectivity and satellite positioning. Europe’s two flagship satellite navigation programs EGNOS and Galileo are at the heart of this transformation, by making positioning more accurate, available and reliable. cars, buses, trucks and even […]

Galileo for Driving


The way we drive is changing. many of today’s cars and trucks are already equipped with advanced driver assistance including lane departure warning systems, automated braking, assisted steering and adaptive cruise control. connected navigation systems allow drivers to find their way and share information, making driving safer and reducing congestion. tomorrow transport services will operate […]

EGNOS and Galileo for Rail


The rail sector is constantly evolving, and rail operators are increasingly using satellite technology in their operations, but how can EGNOS and Galileo make a difference?. Safety Safety is at the core of all rail operations, within the framework of the future European rail traffic management system onboard satellite navigation solutions integrated with command and […]

EGNOS and Galileo for Waterborne Transport


Global maritime traffic is ever-increasing and Europe’s ports and inland waterways are becoming ever more congested. accurate and reliable positioning a key elements for a range of systems, that help streamline port operations, improve safety and protect the maritime environments. new satellite based systems are also being deployed that can substantially reduce response times in […]

Variable Rate Application

EGNOS and Galileo for Agriculture


World have to produce more food with a limited amount of land due to an increase in global population. farmers are also faced with rising costs and a growing demand for traceability and reduced environmental impact. two of Europe’s flagship space programs EGNOS and Galileo help farmers meet these challenges. EGNOS the European geostationary navigation […]

Uses of EGNOS and Galileo


Satellite navigation goes far beyond guiding us to our destination in our cars. it allows farmers to use less fertilizer, ships to navigate safely, operators to run road networks, local authorities to manage infrastructure, power grids to access the extremely precise timing needed to manage lines, bankers to timestamp operations and it even enables efficient […]

EGNOS for Aviation


The skies above Europe are becoming increasingly congested as our Europe's major airports. This growth in air traffic means all airports need to be safely accessible at all times. EGNOS, the European geostationary navigation overlay service, offers enhanced vertical as well as horizontal precision and integrity, improved safety, accessibility and efficiency for operators, pilots and airports across Europe. EGNOS is a satellite-based augmentation system that improves GNSS positioning using three…

EGNOS and Galileo for Mapping


To manage land and infrastructure efficiently accurate mapping and surveying are essential. Utility companies map infrastructure and local authorities need access to a Geo-referenced inventory of anything from park benches to street signs or underground water pipes. Global navigation satellite systems or GNSS are widely used because they’re more cost-effective and flexible than traditional ground […]


What is Galileo?


Satellite positioning has become a vital part of our everyday lives and is key for farming, science, precise timing and emergency response. we use it in our phones, cars, planes, trains, ships and thousands of other applications. Initially it was powered by an American system GPS or Global Positioning System a few years later a […]


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